Product Quality

We make sure our products meet the highest possible product standards that meet you and your customer’s expectations. We check our suppliers regularly and test the quality of all our products to ensure consistent quality.

Customer satisfaction is one of our core values. We work hard to ensure that the products you sell to your customers meet the strictest European and national regulations on products and documentation.


Operational quality

Operational quality

Our Quality Team carries out intensive pre-shipment inspections based upon risk assessment and statistical methods (AQL Level II). Any quality issues will lead to product/process improvements. These preventative measures enable us to ensure consistent quality.

  • Pre-shipment inspection
  • Complaint management
  • Product and process improvements


Customer service

Customer Service

Armed with specialist product knowledge, our International Customer Service Team will be happy to help you with any technical issues, returns or questions you may have about our products. As a second line of defence, our Quality Team works closely with our Product Managers and manufacturers to resolve any issues that may arise.