Our Smart Home Security Sets

We provide three top quality Smart Home Security Sets to suit all budgets. Our Konig Smart Home Wifi Starter Set is ideal for those who want to dip there toe into the Smart Home Security world. A free app enables remote viewing. In addition, the set is expandable with up to 24 accessories in total with a maximum of 4 cameras. By adding smart power sockets, for example, you can operate connected electric appliances remotely, combining safety with convenience.

Our next security set is the big brother of the Starter Set. It is the Konig Deluxe Smart Home Wifi Security Set.  This set has more items including an Indoor Wifi Pan/Tilt HD Camera that can be viewed through the free app from anywhere in the world. This set like the starter set is also expandable.

The last Smart Home Security Set we provide is the Edimax Smart Home Set.This works over your Wi-Fi network.Integrated with 2.4G RF multi-function sensors PIR multi-area motion & sound detection push notifications and video alerts. Plug-n-View for remote monitoring.

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