Our FAQ’s Page

We ship within 48hrs of receiving your order.
For orders over €/£200 we offer free shipping. For everything else we charge a flat rate of £/€7.99
Your item must be in its original unused condition to be returned, unless there is a manufacturer defect. Your must return the item within 30 days of your purchase.
Yes there is a 12 month manufacturers warranty with our products.
As most of our products are wireless there is no cabling requirements. Check our datasheets for setup instructions.
Carrier frequencies:

There are three general bands that are being used by
Radio Frequency (RF) emitting products

433MHz: This is commonly used by garage door
remotes, video senders and radio controlled toys. It is
a relatively low frequency that gives good propagation
(broadcast) properties.

868MHz: This is the RF frequency that has been
adopted by Europe as to be the frequency that if used
must then operate within agreed criteria, for example
standards for this frequency specify the communication
power levels and dictate the number of times a product
can transmit (cycle) over a given time period. It is a well
controlled relatively ‘quiet’ band used by manufacturers.

2.4GHz: Well controlled, globally accepted but very busy
waveband. Used by Bluetooth devices, WiFi, and video

Any business that accepts credit/debit cards must comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) – a set of standards that applies to any company that accepts, processes, stores or transmits credit card data. Whether your business is done online, at a physical location, or a combination of both, the PCI council is interested in how well you secure this data. Our business is fully PCI-DSS compliant.

3D Secure

3D Secure is the payments industry authentication standard for internet/eCommerce purchases.

  • Visa calls their version ‘Verified by Visa’.
  • MasterCard calls their version ‘MasterCard SecureCode’.

These are referred to as 3D Secure. These programs are designed to ensure security for cardholders when they use their credit cards online.